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About Phonak

Founded in 1947, Swiss company Phonak has been at the forefront of the development, production and distribution of cutting-edge hearing aid solutions since it’s inception. Known for their attention to detail and reliability, these Swiss designed aids have been a core product recommended by IHC Audiologists for many years. With a distribution centre in Sydney we have come to know Phonak Australia as a reliable company to work with. Each new model that Phonak releases adds another technological advance to their wide range of devices. From the tinniest in the ear hearing aid to the most powerful device for those with more significant hearing loss, Phonak delivers extraordinary sound quality, noise reduction and streamlined design.

Phonak Paradise

In September 2020, Phonak delivered their latest innovation with the Phonak Paradise range of devices. This range of hearing aids delivers an unrivalled hearing experience that includes crisp, natural sound, brilliant speech understanding and advanced noise cancelling capabilities. They also provide a personalized digital solution with the myPhonak App and direct Bluetooth streaming to both android and Apple phones. Available now with prices ranging from $2025

phonak paradise hearing aids

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