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Whether you’re a private or government assisted patient, our independence means no manufacturer commissions and no incentives, only honest advice on what is best for you and your hearing problem.

Free for Pensioners &  DVA Patients

We are an accredited provider under the Government’s Office of Hearing Services (OHS) program. The Independent Hearing Centre can offer FREE hearing services for eligible pensioners and DVA clients including:

  • FREE hearing tests
  • FREE hearing aids/devices
  • No waiting time for government approval. Instant eligibility check.
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Private Doesn’t Have to Mean Expensive

Our independence ensures you get the right advice on hearing devices across all major manufacturers. This coupled with our competitive pricing policy can mean a considerable cost saving for you. Prices vary greatly between hearing devices and manufacturers, and more expensive products don’t always mean better hearing.

One of the most comprehensive hearing product and manufacturer ranges in Australia, so we can provide you with the hearing device and accessories best suited to your hearing problem and the lifestyle you lead.

Private patients may claim some of the costs associated with their hearing test and devices through private medical insurance. Check your plan to see how you are covered.

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Ongoing Cost and Maintenance

Hearing devices typically run on batteries, which need replacing for optimum performance. There are four common hearing aid battery types which are colour coded on the packaging for easy identification.

  • Size 10 hearing aid battery – Colour coded yellow
  • Size 13 hearing aid battery – Colour coded orange
  • Size 312 hearing aid battery – Colour coded brown
  • Size 675 hearing aid battery – Colour coded Blue

All batteries are available from The Independent Hearing Centre and are simple to replace.

Battery Life can vary greatly between devices, level of hearing loss and duration of use. The larger the level of hearing loss, the greater the drain on the battery. Battery size and modern features like wi-fi also play a significant role in battery life.

As a guide, the most common hearing aid battery, size 312, can last for a week when used 10 – 15 hours a day. Our audiologists can advise what kind of battery life you can expect form your specific device, and personal hearing condition.

Rechargeable batteries are now available in some hearing devices. There are obvious benefits to rechargeable batteries, however the initial cost is higher and they do have a limited life; Talk to our audiologists about rechargeable batteries to see if they can work for you.

Ongoing Care includes a recommended annual check up to test your current hearing level against the performance of your hearing device. The Independent Hearing Centre is a partner in your hearing recovery and we will continue to assist you long after the initial fitting, to ensure you get the very best experience from your hearing device.

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