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Garry McDonald

Garry McDonald


I struggled for years to get my hearing aids to work better.

I’d get them adjusted. No difference! Was my hearing deteriorating? Were my ears blocked with wax? I then went to a hearing seminar at the Garvin Institute and listened to Bruce Kelsey talk about hearing aids. He mentioned that The Independent Hearing Centre wasn’t aligned to any manufacturer, so they could give you independent advice and the hearing aid that was best to you and not just the only one they stocked!

I had always assumed all hearing aids and hearing centres were the same. I decided to visit Independent Hearing and saw Vanessa Baillie. She tested my hearing and recommended an aid that digitally enhanced higher frequencies rather than just amplifying them. Was I being bamboozled with technical talk? She put the aids she suggested into my ears and I immediately knew I was hearing so much more than before! Halleluiah! Thank you Independent Hearing!

Nynke Bell

Cochlear Implant Patient

Cochlear Implants have changed my life.

I first started to lose my hearing at puberty, but it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I was properly tested and labelled ‘profoundly deaf’ After some years struggling to understand family and friends, not to mention hating social gatherings, I heard about cochlear implants. This led me to meeting the wonderful Sarah Platt-Hepworth, who helped me make that all-important decision to have my first cochlear implant.

That was over 10 years ago, and it has changed my life in so many ways. She has been my Audiologist ever since, and she has always been so helpful in managing both my implant and my other hearing aids. A few years ago I decided to finally get an implant in the other ear as well, and once again Sarah helped me thru the process with caring and supportive expertise. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

Michael Turner


Over the past nine months my life has been transformed.

In April 2014 I had the first of two cochlear implants inserted, the second followed in October. The whole process, from finally realising that surgery was no longer an option but a necessity, to the weeks of adjustment, to the joys of full communication with family, friends and work colleagues has been made, quite simply, joyful by Vanessa Baillie and the team at Independent Hearing Centre.

Their understanding, empathy, care and attention smoothed the way through what was a potentially highly stressful situation. It’s been quite been a journey, and the joy of once again communicating with my grandchildren in the UK over Christmas has made every moment worthwhile.



I needed an audiologist who I could trust.

I knew I had an important task on hand when my family relocated to Sydney. I needed to find an audiologist who I could trust and assure me that my auditory care needs would be genuinely met. I was fortunate to have met Vanessa Baillie, who has now been my audiologist for sixteen years, originally at the Hearing and Balance Centre and now her new practice, The Independent Hearing Centre.

I was born with a sensorineural bilateral hearing loss. My left ear could only access 4% of sound with the assistance of a hearing aid. I recently made the nervous decision to proceed with a cochlear implant. This decision was only made possible because of my complete confidence in Vanessa’s expertise and passion to assist me on this journey to fuller hearing.

Robin Crane


My Lyric is music to my ears.

If I had to live without my Lyric hearing aid, my world would never be the same. When it is inserted in my ear it just becomes part of me and I never give it another thought, until its time to be changed. Now I am able to hear at night where I couldn’t with previous hearing aids, as they had to be removed. I wouldn’t even hear the phone ring.

For me it is the best thing that has ever been invented and I tell everyone about this wonderful little device and they should get one. If they have a hearing problem of course.
My dear little Lyric you are music to my ears. Robyn Crane

Mathew Vadas AO

Skipper 'Breakthrough'

Phonak Lyric on the Rolex Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race.

I am skipper on ‘Breakthrough’ a Beneteau First 40 Yacht and this was my third Hobart race. We had 10 people on Board with the Irish Ace Barry Hurley as sailing master and Ben Hunter as Navigator. We set off in a stiff southerly with wind howling and seas, choppy at 3-4 meters. There was strong spray on the boat and most of us got soaked sitting on the rails, however the Lyric functioned perfectly and resisted the moisture all around us.

Off-duty (we took 3 or 4 hour watches), the noise below was deafening from the waves and the incessant noise of the winches. Luckily my magic magnet turned off Lyric to dull these and I had a great rest.

After one day the wind turned northerly and we had a scary ride in 20-30 knot tail winds almost to Storm Bay. With a difficult sail up the Derwent we came in a little over 3 days and 12th (out of 119) on handicap.It was a great effort by all, and I had a much better ride and clearer hearing under difficult conditions with Lyric.

Amazingly no one was any wiser to my having a hearing aid for the race.

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